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Soaring Above Oahu

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High above Oahu's famous North Shore is where you'll find Hawaii’s oldest and largest soaring operation. Take a ride with one of our million-mile pilots and watch the breathtaking beauty of the island unfold below...

If you plan to spend a day touring Oahu's North Shore, you'll want to include this exhilarating activity. You'll silently soar high over the island and take in panoramic views of the dramatic coast and its brilliant coral pools; the patchwork of taro, coffee, and alfalfa ...
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Transfers (Per person FOR 9:30AM DEPARTURE ONLY)
Single Soar (One person flying)
Couple Soar (Two people flying)
Single with hands-on (One person with hands-on control)
Acrobatic Soar (Per person, one person at a time)

Days of Operation


Departure Times and Duration

  • 05:00 PM (0.3 hours) Soaring Time
  • 09:30 AM (3.5 hours) Use this time if you choose the transfer option.
  • 02:00 PM (0.3 hours) Soaring Time
  • 02:30 PM (0.3 hours) Soaring Time
  • 03:00 PM (0.3 hours) Soaring Time
  • 10:30 AM (0.3 hours) Soaring Time
All times are local.


- Single Passengers: You cannot weigh more than 265 pounds and you must han 6'5" if you are taking a single ride.
- A couple soaring together cannot weigh more than a combined weight of 350 pounds and average height 5.9", maximum height 6'1".
- Acrobatic soar maximum weight 205 pound and maximum height 6'1".
- Hands-on flight requires all passengers to comprehend and understand instructions in English.